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Companies Name EMS is no longer processing for MMJ Merchant Accounts Atlas Payment Processing
Credit Card Types MC/Visa, Disc, and Debit Yes With PIN
Max. Transaction Based on Balance of Card $1,000.00
Discount Rate for Credit Cards 4.95% **.00
Discount Rate for PIN Debit 4.95% **.00
Transaction Fee $.25 0
PCI Ins. $15.00 Per Month 0
Monthly Min. $25.00 Per Month 0
On-line Access $15.00 Per Month 0
Statement Fee $12.00 Per Month $12.00 Per Month
Annual Fee $150.00 0
Charge Backs Yes No
Charge Back Fees $25.00 0
Free Equipment Offered Yes No
Cost of Equipment $300.00 to $600.00 $365.00 - $470.00
Early Cancellation Fee Without Free Equipment $300.00 0
Early Cancellation Fee With Free Equipment $900.00 0
The Amount of Days Need to Deposit Funds Into Your Account 1 to 2 Business Days 1 to 2 Business Days
Type of Checking Account Needed Business Any Type of Checking Account
1099 Form Needed Yes No
Application and Setup Fee No Yes
Free Paper No Yes

**The convenience fee is paid by the patient.

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